3d Building Design
and Modeling

What we do

Designing your building projects from 3d views to blueprints


Ready to get started on that dream project, but just not sure how it's going to look?  Exact Dimensions is ready to bring to your table, or ours, the equipment to make your project come to life right before your eyes!  Whether you have ideas, and would just like to see how they look, or no ideas - we're here to strive to help make that dream reality.


With close to 20 yrs experience in various phases of the construction process, and input from our interior design team, we can supply ideas for most any project.

Our advantages

3d Modeling

Is all you need to see is how your project will look?  We can help with that!  We use a premier software package to do our design work which has excellent 3d visuals.  Views of your kitchen to any angle outside views can be rendered to near photographic quality!  All the building pictures on the website were produced using the software

Residential Design

Whether you are looking to build new, or remodel the 'old home place' matters none.  We can work with your project in the comfort of your living room.  Room to room walk-throughs or bird's eye views are available at the click of a button.


Our goal is to get the design to look like you dreamed and turn that into a blueprint that can be passed on to your contractor or lumber yard for quoting and building.

Light Commercial Building Design

Exact Dimensions is not limited to residental projects.  We are not a licensed engineer or an architect firm, but we can partner with capable engineers to meet the code and design criteria thata your project requires from site plan to detailed cross sections and elevation views.